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Onboarding Intune Managed Devices using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint


Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Intune is a cloud-based security solution that helps protect devices from malware and other security threats. It is integrated with Microsoft Intune, a mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) service, to provide a comprehensive security solution for devices that are managed by Intune. The solution includes features such as real-time protection against malware, the ability to detect and respond to security threats, and the ability to remotely wipe a device if it is lost or stolen. It also enables IT administrators to monitor and manage the security of devices from a single console.

To integrate Intune with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, you will need to configure Microsoft Intune Connector. The Intune connector for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is a feature that allows you to integrate Intune with the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint service. This allows you to manage the security of your devices from a single console, and to use the security features of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to protect devices that are managed by Intune.

Once the connector is set up, you can use the Intune console to view the security status of devices, deploy security policies, initiate remote actions, and receive alerts and reports on the security of your devices.


Step 1 : Integrate Microsoft Intune with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Login to Microsoft Security Console using

Enable Microsoft Intune Connection under  Settings –> Endpoints –> Advanced Features 

Once Enabled, you can see the connector status in Microsoft Intune admin console under

Tenant Administration –> Connectors and Tokens –> Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Step 2: Create a Microsoft Intune Configuration Profile to onboard Devices to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

Login to Microsoft Intune Console and create a new profile under

Endpoint Security –> Endpoint Detection and Response  and click on Create Profile

Provide the appropriate name to the profile

Select Auto from connector 

If you want to onboard all the devices managed by Intune, don’t select any group. But if you want to onboard set of devices to MDE, select the device / user group you want to onboard.

Wait for some time.

Device is onboarded now.

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